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Bank Construction Draw Schedule

SAMPLE DRAW SCHEDULE. ESTIMATED COMPLETION DATE DRAW CONSTRUCTION breakdown 1 15% $. Slab and Foundation, Septic and Site work complete. 2 10% $. Framing complete. First floor walls and sub flooring in place with exterior walls sheathed.

What is draw schedule? Draw schedule is details of the payments that are to be made for the project of construction. The main requirement of the draw schedule is in those projects that require the release of funds in a time bound manner as each step of the project gets completed.

Construction Draw Inspections. Inspection Specialists, Inc. has been the number one provider of commercial and residential draw inspections in South West Florida completing over 20,000 draw inspections. We provide commercial and residential construction consulting and draw inspections services to individual project owners, banks and other financial institutions.

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Draw Schedule. Mortgage proceeds are set up in an escrow account at closing to fund the construction. Funds toward construction that were collected at closing will be used before mortgage funds. Dollar Bank will notify the builder when they can begin building. Draws are paid to the builder in accordance with the loan advancement schedule.

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– Construction Loan Settlement. A typical draw schedule might call for four to six payments, spread out as follows: For site prep and foundation excavation. Regardless of how your draw schedule is arranged, the lender will inspect the progress of the work up to the stated draw interval and approve the disbursement of funds.

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